• Recruitment as a Service

    We are an IT Recruitment agency that offers a range of recruitment services to the always exciting Scottish technology sector and the leader of its most ambitious companies.

    Understanding your company lets us create a recruitment strategy that just works...
  • Social Recruiting

    We increase the reach of your recruitment net using Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn,
    which allows us to target a broad range of both active and passive candidates.

    We create solutions to recruitment problems and work with you to get results.
  • Role Profiling

    We dive deeply into the role for which you're recruiting and begin to put
    everything we've learned about your company into action.

    After becoming an employer of choice what's left to do but find top candidates.
Welcome to 9-20 recruitment. We are an IT recruitment agency that offers a range of recruitment services to the always exciting Scottish technology sector and the leaders of its most ambitious companies.

We’re good at what we do and it’s our job to ensure that your company can attract, excite and capture the most impressive talent on the Scottish IT market.

We will review the roles you’re recruiting for as well as why you need them and how you’re doing it. Then we add our recruitment prowess to the mix, along with our many years of knowledge and experience of recruiting for the Scottish technology sector, to find you exactly what you’ve been looking for.

All of this helps us to secure the most talented candidates for your role and to position your company as a real employer of choice in this highly competitive area.
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